Are you a content creator that is looking to make a little extra money? Do you have a podcast, a YouTube channel, an instagram following, a published book, or are you a thought leader? Even if you’re not one of those things, are you a creative looking to make some extra money? Maybe you’ve tried Patreon, monetization, or sponsorships and that’s still not enough? Maybe you don’t have any of those? That’s ok! Even if you’ve never attempted monetization in the past, Stagepass is an easy way to make additional money without having to appeal to sponsors, abide by monetization terms of service, or create additional content for Patreon tiers. So, what is Stagepass, you ask?

Stagepass is a totally new concept; a marketplace of experiences, provided by content creators, for auction to audiences anywhere. Think airbnb experiences meets eBay. If you’re a content creator, you’re more than welcome to register and auction any number of experiences to your audience. Most people get hung up on what an experience might be, but it’s limited to your creativity — from a 30 minute in-person conversation, to a 4 hour video editing session, to a fully immersive weekend experience at a retreat destination. Experience types are endless, it’s just a matter of what you and your audience would enjoy most.

But I’m just a content creator, why would anyone want to pay for an experience with me? Think about who you listen, watch, or read the most — who do you consider yourself to be the biggest fan of? Who would you like to learn more from, meet in-person, or just get to know better? Chances are they’re a creative. Now turn the tables, and think about your audience. Even if you just have a regular audience of 100 people, there are at least 20 people that feel the same way towards you that you do that person you just thought of. Your audience listens to you regularly, appreciates what you do and the content that you create. They spend the most precious commodity known to man — time, with you. They’re already invested in you and your content and crave more. This is your opportunity to connect with them, learn more about what they’re interested in, and make money while doing it.

As creative content consumers ourselves, this is something that we’ve always wanted to have exist in the world, so it comes from a place of interest and passion. We’re also passionate about financial self-sufficiency, and wanted to do what we could to help creatives get a leg up in life. It’s our mission to support you in becoming self-sufficient to the point that you can create content full-time, and connect more deeply with your audience. We’re here to support that mission however possible.

If this concept interests you, we’re accepting content creator beta testers and would be happy to have you try the platform. Please either create an account or shoot us a note for more information.

On the horizon: over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to be producing the Stagepass Experience podcast, a podcast about the development of this company, interviews with content creators and what sort of experiences they are thinking about doing on the platform, real-world experiences that have occurred on the platform, and thoughts from audience members that purchase experiences.

We’re also building a community to help audiences connect with creatives outside of the mediums that they post their content, so feel free to join our community discussion and collaboration on our discord channel. See you around!