The Experience Cause: Bunker Labs is a non-profit dedicated to helping veteran entrepreneurs. I am a city leader for the organization and volunteer my time to help veterans succeed in entrepreneurship.

Experience Summary: Spend thirty minutes with Thom talking about anything that interests you. Thom is most helpful when talking about innovation, life in the military, book recommendations, or Stagepass.

About Thom: Thom is a physicist (61D3) for the Air Force and the founder of Stagepass. He currently works in data science at Hickam Air Force base. He completed his undergrad at West Point and received a B.S. in physics and has a Masters of Professional Studies in Technology Entrepreneurship from the University of Maryland, College Park. He learned web development through Bloc, an online web-development bootcamp, and dabbles in writing.

What to know: The video chat will be done via Zoom. The link will be sent to the winning bidder and you’ll be able to enter the chat room at our scheduled meeting time. For any questions that I can’t answer during our chat, I’ll be sure to follow up after!

What’s included: Great conversation and an e-mail follow up if I can’t get to everything.