Stagepass is a platform for listeners, viewers, and audience members to extend their  relationship with their favorite creatives, influencers, and thought leaders by participating in experiences with them. Browse the home page, find the experience card that most interests you, and bid on that experience.

Auctions are separate from experience cards, and may need to be requested in the actual experience card. Once auctions are live for each experience, their link will be made available for the specific date and time that the creator has decided.

Stagepass is a place for creatives to connect more with their audiences. Often times, audiences know creatives and influencers so well that they can provide insightful feedback on content that they may consider producing in the future.

Audience members also want to spend time with creatives. In the event that creatives are struggling to earn a living wage while producing content, Stagepass experience auctions provide the flexibility for them to stabilize their way of life and get back to what’s important, creating content. Stagepass is a place for audience members to take care of the people they enjoy most.

Our mission


Bring people closer through experience.

Our values

Transparency, Integrity, and Service.

Our promise

We provide unique experiences, authentic connections, and incredible customer care.

Our why

The world has too many shallow connection and one-way relationships. We’re passionate about creating a world of deeper relationships and visceral experiences.


Thom – Chief Problem Solver

Tesla – Chief Support Officer

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