The Experience Cause: Bunker Labs is a non-profit dedicated to helping veteran entrepreneurs. I am a city leader for the organization and volunteer my time to help veterans succeed in entrepreneurship.

Experience Summary: Join us on the Traction Growth & Income Podcast with a guest that has expertise in your niche so that we can help you diagnose solutions for obtaining TGI with your creative pursuit. You will join us on the podcast as we talk with our expert, and then turn the focus of the show to your challenges and have our guest help with what you can do differently to improve your TGI outcomes.

About TGI: The TGI podcast is part of a larger initiative to help creatives by offering techniques, tools, and advice on how to scale their creativity. We consult with experts, send out a weekly newsletter, and partner with monetization platforms to help get to where you want to be. The show airs its first show on August 8th and will be weekly after launch.

What to Know: You will need Skype to participate in the experience and have done a thorough evaluation of your creative endeavor to figure out where your hangups are. We may not have a guest lined up that fits your needs at the time of the auction, but we will let you know who that expert will be prior to the show.

More: If you’re interested, be sure to comment in the experience so that we can start an auction. Check out our website at