Sure, you love Podcast Reviews Reviews Podcast, the podcast that reviews the reviews of its podcast. But what if you could be involved?
With this exclusive Stagepass experience, you can now be on the show itself, reviewing your own review, and maybe even others!
Experience Summary: We’ll chat and organize the episode for your review to appear, and then have you record yourself and send in the audio!
About Podcast Reviews Reviews Podcast: Podcast Reviews Reviews Podcast is a world-renown podcast, featuring a lot of audience-stimulated participation! It’s the perfect show for an experience. What to know: Travel is not covered in this experience, but there’s no need to travel. We can just talk on Skype or Discord! You’re more than welcome to record the conversation for use on podcasts or for reference elsewhere. What’s included: The accolades of future podcast listeners, and your voice going out to potentially millions!