At Stagepass, our mission is to help creatives achieve financial autonomy in order to pursue their craft full-time. We do that by providing a platform for creatives to list experiences for auction to their audience, which establishes a deeper connection with their audience while dramatically increasing income. This is made possible because Stagepass has introduced a new monetization channel: experience. Stagepass experiences are unlike others because they are unique, individual, and are sold via auction, making Stagepass one of the most rewarding monetization channels for creatives.  

To increase the accessibility of Stagepass and its monetization potential, we do our best to bring our platform closer to creative communities. One of those communities is the podcasting space, which we wanted to support as much as possible. With podcasting probably being the most intimate medium of consumption, it’s very intuitive to think that this should be one of the first places for Stagepass to pursue. This is why we have opted to partner with Blubrry, one of the largest podcast hosting companies. In our first partnership, we will provide direct Stagepass access for anyone using Blubrry. 

We’re incredibly excited to support their community and look forward to doing whatever we can to help their podcast hosts pursue their creativity full-time. We believe that Stagepass experiences have more potential than sponsors and membership monetization methods, as mentioned in our June blog post. If you’re new here, check out how to get started creating experiences with Stagepass. Welcome to the community, friends from Blubrry! Enjoy your time here and let us know what we can do to help you achieve experience beyond the stage.